Dress – Modcloth
Eagle Ring – Lulus
Earrings & Knuckle Ring – F21
Sandals – Don’t remember they’re so old.

I mentioned sometime back that I think I should write all my blog posts with wine in hand, and so I’ve been sitting here with a glass of champagne *for no real reason other than someone bought it for us and I think it’s a shame for it to sit there unopened* writing this post.  Oh, and in case you think I’m a lush, I’m just a real lightweight ’cause I’ve had literally 5 sips of it and it’s gone straight to my head.  Watch out!

So on that note, I’m looking at these pictures and several things come to mind.  First, I realize that now that it’s summer you guys get to see all my leg and arm bruises in their full glory.  They’re a result of an interesting combination of intense exercise and pathological clumsiness. I must remember to Photoshop them out ’cause that ain’t cool.  Second, I realize that I have rather the harsh expression in the last pic there.  I assure you it’s not because of any mood, it’s simply because I’m ridiculously sensitive to the light and on a bright day I squint without my black, black sunnies.  I swear, I’m a vampire….except for the drinking blood, being undead, violence, and random sex acts.   Can you tell I’m in “True Blood” season?

True Story:
Played with Baby Girl on the bed before bed tonight.  
Kept gently knocking her over with our huge pillows and she giggled like mad!  
Andrew, in the other room, asked what we were up to and I answered, 
“Domestic violence.  Apparently she finds it amusing.” 

*p.s.  yes I know domestic violence is serious. We just have a dark sense of humor sometimes.*