Necklace – F21
Top – Wkshp
Tank – hand me down
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Threadsence
“Excuse me, but your orgasm woke my baby up.  Do you mind soothing her back to sleep now?”

That’s not what I said, but that’s what I thought when my loud neighbor’s sex-tivities woke up my sleeping baby.  It wasn’t just the sound effects, the loud, awkward, and weird noises, nor the shaking of the house, however random and lacking in rhythm, or the loud “Score!” that followed the predictable finish.  No, it was the perfect trifecta combination of the three that woke up my baby girl and made her cry.  The crux of it though?  I wanted to cry too.  No one needs to ever hear that!

True Story:
*See above*