It’s time for another giveaway!  If you’ve been following me on twitter/FB you know that I’ve recently become jaded with giveaways on blogs *I’m not going into that diatribe right now* . I feel I’m not the only one and I want to bring the fun back!  On that note, I’ve decided to change it all up.  Now we’re going to get creative, maybe funny, and maybe downright inappropriate. *which is funny in itself* 

So here’s how to enter.

You have to be a follower – sorry but that’s only fair to my readers.  But otherwise, you’re going to help me come up with a superhero story.  Why?  Because I’m a nerd, and it’s my blog and…that’s why.

Leave your answers to these questions as one comment on this post:

1.  You have become a SuperHero.  What is your superhero name?
2. What’s your SuperPower?
3. Of course you need an arch nemesis and that’s me.  So what’s my Arch Nemesis name and superpower?
4. How do you vanquish me in the end?
4. Naturally there’s a screen adaptation and I’m playing me, but which celebrity is playing you?
5. Who plays your love interest?
6. A set isn’t a set without a good scandal.  So what’s the scandal and gossip going around in the press about this set?
7. I’d like to thank the Academy!  And I’m wearing…  What dress/tux are you wearing?  Describe it or paste a link. 
8.  Say how you follow and your username for that.

Entries accepted until May 10th, 2012 at 11:59pm Toronto time. 

I and one other impartial person (either my husband or a friend) will select the winner.  Yes, this will be totally biased and partial in that the coolest, funniest, raunchiest or most creative entry in our opinion will win.  No, it will not be partial in that a blog friend or something like that will win. I have no conspiracies…yet *insert evil laugh here*  Do you see why I’m the villain?

You don’t have to, but if you are so willing as to tweet and Fb this giveaway, I’d appreciate it a bunch!

That’s it.  Let’s have some fun!

*, Facebook or Twitter are in no way affiliated with this giveaway.  I reserve the right to refuse an entry due to explicit or severely inappropriate content*