Hat – F21
Sunnies – no idea, totally forgot
Dress – c/o eShakti
Shoes – Payless

When you’re freelance there’s no such thing as holiday weekends.  Okay, that’s not true there are…and we here at Chez Haughton are often excited about them because it usually means work and sometimes means time and a half!  For example:  Saturday I did a half day shoot for a web series, and Monday evening I hosted Movieola.  Andrew?  Well, he worked on Sunday and then worked on a video game project on Monday (he does the music).  So yeah, that was our long weekend.  But don’t feel sorry for us…it means that most weekdays we get to go out and enjoy the sunshine while others sit in their cubicle.  Sorry, hope you don’t hate me too much right now. 

True Story:
Don’t try to talk, tickle, or touch baby girl when she wakes up from her nap.  
She’ll cry, punch, and run…unless you’re Mama that is. 
Her uncle learned that yesterday.