Top – Ruche
 Dress – Modcloth
Boots – Threadsence
Socks – F21
Sunnies – Lace Affair
I’ve been so MIA on social media and this blog for the last week because my computer’s been in the shop – but now it’s back….for now. *cue ominous music*  It’s not doing too well, the poor babe.   I’m not sure how long it’ll be before it totally craps out on me and dies a permanent death.  Thank goodness I had the sense to back up everything before it went in, because they had to replace my hard drive!  Anyway, I’m back for now…do a little dance, sing a little song.  I hope you lovely folks had a wonderful Mother’s day.  I certainly did.  I shot Posthuman today and then came home to a lovely meal and enjoyed my Mother’s Day present:  season one of Spartacus!  I love me some raunchy violent Romans! 
p.s.  I haven’t yet chosen the winner of the SuperHero contest because of all this craziness and shooting.  But it’s on my to-do for the next two days.  Sorry!
True Story:
So remember Baby Girl’s issues with the ‘r’ in “fork?”
Well, now the ‘f’ has become a ‘c.’  
If you’re following, her “fork”  now sound like *spelled phonetically* “k-o-k.”  
Endless laughter at the dinner table!