Cardi – Nick&Mo from Trixie in Toronto
Top – Gap
Scarf – Le Chateau
Necklace and Skirt – Ruche
Tights & Earrings – F21
Boots – Feet First

Do you watch The Walking Dead?  Have you
seen the season finale?  It kicked butt!  I saw it late because I’ve
been busy, but here’s a thought.  In the show they’ve discovered that
they are all infected and that when they die – no matter how they die –
they all come back as zombies.  You don’t have to be bitten to turn into
a zombie.  Also, one of the main characters is pregnant.  

So here’s where my train of thought goes:
she miscarries in her third trimester, does her baby turn into a
zombie?  Does it claw it’s way out like that thing in Alien?  ‘Cause
though it would be really sad, it would also be kind of really cool.

Yeah, I know. 
If you think that’s bad, imagine how I feel.  I have to be around myself all the time!

Quote of Today:
“My dinosaurs are having lots of babies!”