Sweater – thrifted
Skirt – Ruche
Leaf Necklace & Earrings – Ruche
Scarf – Le Chateau
Tights, Chain Necklace, & Socks – F21
Boots – Locale
Okay so pardon me while I dwell on something that isn’t really all that important.

See this skirt?  It arrived that morning and I immediately wore it even though it was wrinkled.  I was totally in love with it.  Then later that night I was steaming it and suddenly about halfway through the steaming process it melted a 5 inch hole right into it!  I was so completely bummed, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  I double checked the tag and it said nothing about iron low or anything like that – just hand wash cold, lay flat to dry’ – and I don’t have the fabric expertise to know how an item should be treated just by looking at it.  I’m just a dumb bum who screwed up. So that’s the story of how I have lost my new favorite skirt on the very first day I got it.  Yup, I’m really sad.

So if you get it, or you’ve got it, learn from me.  Iron or steam on super low with a cloth between the iron and the fabric.  Wish I’d known that before.

*yes, I know there are real problems in the world, even in my life, so I do realize how self-indulgent this being bummed about a skirt is. Hence the first line disclaimer.   That’s why I’m writing this post, getting it out of my system and moving on…or trying to*