Necklace – c/o Scarlet Samples
Sweater – Esprit
Top – Costa Blanca
Dress – Ruche
Socks & Tights – F21
Boots – Locale
I love that I got to spend the whole day with Andrew for Valentine’s Day – thanks to some very obliging Gandparents of course!  We had a great time going out to lunch, dessert, playing board games, doing some shopping, etc, etc.  It was also nice to get a whole day out without a little baby with us, but at one point we just sat down in the middle of mall not knowing what to do with ourselves.  We have not had free time for so long that once we had it we had no idea how to fill it.  It was quite funny, we just looked at each other wondering, “What now?”  
On another note, this dress is far too loose on me to know what to do with, so I’m tackling the challenge of turning it into a proper fitting skirt. Oh boy!  I’m nervous, but hey I’ve gotta try right?
True Story:
After bath time, my little babe decides to climb onto her toilet seat…naked.  
Sit there for fifteen minutes…naked. 
Grunt a little and talk a lot….naked. 
Eventually I took her off, but she wanted to stay….naked.