Sometimes we take our role as Mamas very seriously, and sometimes you just gotta throw your hands in the air and say, “To heck with it!”

Hey there, I’m Beth and I blog at Through the Eyes of the Mrs.  I’m a mother to three ages five, three and two.  You could say I’m a pretty busy person. I try to do it all and usually have a breakdown once a month. You know how it is? We are expected to be super hero’s.  It’s tough to meet every one’s expectations.
So today instead of telling you how I do it all.  I’m going to let you see how imperfect I am and let you know it’s okay.  We are our biggest critics and sometimes we need to give ourselves a break.We can’t always do it all and it’s okay to laugh at ourselves.
 Did someone say Cheerios? Whoops I think she got carried away.  All the while I’m desperately trying to finish the dishes.  What are you going to do?  
Call the dog and grab the vacuum.

Yes he wore two different colored flip flops.  Even though I say I have eyes everywhere we both know that isn’t true.  Let me tell you about another shoe story in the summer.  We had a busy day and last minute decided to go and grab dinner.  We arrived at the restaurant and realized our oldest wasn’t wearing shoes.  
Yes, these are the things that happen to me.

 Brianna with her worm friend.  She held onto him while spending an afternoon outside.  Sadly this is the only picture we have of her with her wormy.  Right after I took this she decided to eat him.  Now what kind of mother allows her daughter to eat a worm?  I will tell you… A speechless one!
Who dressed this poor boy for preschool?  Well his entire class realized he was a size 5/6.
I felt terrible but at least he was wearing underwear.  
Of course he didn’t care, not one bit.  Harmless mistakes happen. 

I’ve decided I should never walk out of a room.  The kids covered our golden in their macaroni and cheese.  The sad part was she was trying desperately to have a bite.  
Needless to say she needed a bath.

I guess I shouldn’t have left the butter on the counter after breakfast. Note to self, a two year old will wash their hair with butter.  It is the worst to try to get out of their hair.  Especially if it hadn’t been brushed yet.  
Guard your butter!
If you spend a lot of time on a cake just spare yourself the trouble.  Give them a piece!
Never say “don’t touch the cake it’s for after dinner.”
Do yourselves a favor and listen to this important message.
Just buy stock in Kleenex already.
I’m sure this is a regular occurrence in every house with toddlers.
Now most of these are cell phone pictures but you get the idea.
We have to laugh and quit being so tough on ourselves.  No one is perfect and mothers have a tough job.  Face it we are all pretty amazing!

Are you a Mama with a story to tell? 
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