We can do it all right? We’re selfless, self-sacrificing saints who are always there and never need a break, right?  
Am I right? 

There’s a certain piece of advice for mothers that I’ve always had a very hard time following. It’s crucial to a properly functioning household and without it, all will go berserk.

As mothers we must take time for ourselves.
Plain & simple, right?

For me, not so much. As of late I’ve been in this funk. Just going through the motions and doing my best to maintain my patience with a toddler who insists more and more on asserting her independence and doing things her way. (Hmmm… I wonder where she gets that stubbornness from?) I became increasingly more and more stressed until I just broke down.


I was picking up toys after I tried (and failed miserably for the 4th day in a row) to put Alea down for her nap and Cory got her down in ten minutes, maybe less. I just started crying and poured my heart out and let all my frustrations out while Cory listened on with wide eyes.

He replied with: “Maybe you should take next weekend off.”

And this is just proof how bad I needed it. I thought twice. I hesitated. It took just a little more convincing, but I agreed.

Even just having some mommy-time-off to look forward to can put a little more pep in your step. I’ve been doing a lot better this week just knowing that some me-time is on the horizon. I just have to make it through a couple more days and I can take a deep breath and regroup.

What will I be doing with this time off you ask? Staying at my mom’s. Sleeping in. Uninterrupted homework and blogging time. Reading. Meeting a friend for coffee and most importantly, enjoying the peace and quiet.

The moral of this (somewhat pathetic) tale is that as mama’s, we need to remember that in order to be there for our families, we need to be there for ourselves as well.

So, take some time away. Get your hair done, wander aimlessly around Target or take yourself out for a cup of coffee.

Take time to reflect on the wonderful mother you are and how much more you can be there for your family by giving yourself time to reboot. You won’t regret it!

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