Sweater – Gap

Dress – c/o eShakti
Shoes -Locale
Tights – F21

Lately I find myself browsing Etsy more and more.  I’m longing for the handmade, the special, the unique and Etsy is where I can find it.  But even there a lot of the things look the same, or very similar, and I find myself once more trying to find the unique and the special amidst all these handmade pieces.  It sometimes feels overwhelming and I have to step away and withdraw from the on flux of materials and colors, but sometimes if I persevere I can find my way to gems like This Enchanted Pixie. I love this collection of handmade pieces – they’re full of whimsy and a free spirited feeling.  This necklace makes me think of walking on the beach on a cool day and hearing the waves crash, while this one makes me remember strolling down the side streets of Paris with a macaron in hand.  These treasures are why I always make my way back to Etsy, like a friend full of inspiration, it’s always there.

True Story:
Baby’s new favorite game?  
Putting dog food down the heating vent.  
Anytime we turn our backs or walk out of the room, there she is at it again. 
Poor Drake scratches at the vent.