Top – Freeloader from Body Blue in Toronto; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Locale.

I have two social media pet peeves *read: huge rage inducing irritants*
Commence rant.

The first is Four Square – just checked in at the McDonalds on so and so street. To the people who use it: I don’t care.  I don’t care where you are at every moment of the day.  My universe does not revolve around your day.  I am not your stalker, nor do I want the position.  Honey, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not that important and this is making you think you are…which is not becoming.  More so, it’s making you think that you’re entitled to things like jumping the line, getting free stuff, and not paying cover fees/tickets prices.  Guess what?  The line starts back there around the corner, pay for your own crap, and fork over the entrance fees like every other regular person.  You are not Brangelina, no one cares that you’re at Starbucks.  I don’t even care if Brangelina were at Starbucks.  Get off Four Square.

The second thing is posting pictures of your food/drink. I’m not talking about the exotic stuff.  If you’re eating monkey brains where ever in the world it is that they eat monkey brains, yes post that please! Or if you’re giving me a recipe along with it, sure, show me a picture of what it’s supposed to look like.  But I honestly don’t care about seeing a picture of your cereal, granola, or your first cup of coffee.  And that roast chicken, yeah I’ve seen a chicken before, your point is?  Again, it’s giving you a false sense of self-importance and entitlement.

Thank you.
End rant.

True Story:
Rants must run in the family because Baby stands on her stool in the sun room heckling and talking at the people walking by.