Sweater – Smart Set; Dress – H&M; Tights and Socks – F21; Boots – Locale.

Hope you like these new boots of mine, ’cause you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the next little while.  They’re the boots off my dreamlist for X-mas and B-Day.  I decided to get them myself because I have no winter boots, and I really can’t go through another few months of frostbitten toes.  What I love about these boots is that they look like a regular pair of riding boots, but inside they’re lined with thick fur *not real, of course* and some kind of fleece type material.  So basically, they’re toasty warm!

I also wore this outfit out to a Posthuman dinner.  The only change I made was to throw my hair up, put on sparkly earrings, and change my boots and socks for a cute wedge heel with a bow *I’m sorry I forgot to grab pics of that!*  I like how easy it is to transition outfits from day to night just by changing a few accessories: earrings, shoes and hair.

And just before I leave, here’s a big “Hello!” to one of my youngest fans, Belle!  Glad you like the dresses and boots I post here!   Sounds like you and your Mama are two stylish gals!

True Story:
This one’s not a personal story, but I just love the show House so much I had to share this with you guys.  It’s too funny!

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