Our little min-tree went up today.  Yes, it’s that time of the year.  Time to brave the shops and figure out what your loved ones would really like.  I love the food, and the family time, but I’m not into the shopping ’till your credit card is maxed out just to keep up appearances thing.  This year I want to keep things as small and personalized as possible.

Oh, and because some of you asked about my workout gear and clothes.  I have no gear, it’s totally unglamorous *hence the title of this post* – just me, my treadmill, shoes, and phone (for Tv shows).  I have no special running socks, just old worn out cotton ones, and no fancy running pants, just ratty old sweats.  But I promised you guys honesty, so here it is:

*I had to make the picture black and white so you guys wouldn’t see the stains on the pants*