Sweater – Esprit; top – hand me down; Scarf – Old Navy; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Locale.

Someone said to me, “Blog like no one will read it.”  I thought about how that’s great advice.  I don’t really expect anyone to read my blog, it’s so sweet and amazing to me that anyone does, but I can’t totally blog like no one is reading.  Trust me, I’ve tried.   In response, I got criticism, complaints and even hate email *I’m not even kidding*.  No, it’s not that I have very outlandish or weird opinions about things, it’s just that I have strong opinions about things, and I have strong thoughts about things.

And I’m honest.
That get’s me in trouble. 

So, I can’t blog like no one is reading, but I can blog as honestly as possible. 

And that’s a challenge in itself, because we all lie.  Not consciously, or intentionally, but we all do, even to ourselves.  Actually, especially to ourselves.  We lie to make things better, to make them bearable, to sugar coat, and to rationalize things to ourselves.  I think with total and complete honesty we would all soon have a breakdown.  Sometimes you need a good lie.  Sometimes I even believe it.

Quote of Today:
“Honesty is for suckers.”