Scarf – street stand; Dress – H&M; Sweater – Esprit; Tights – F21; Boots – Locale.

I said you would be seeing a lot of these boots and I did not lie!  I’m wearing them pretty much all the time since it’s really cold and I’m not one to suffer for fashion like that.  Oh, and this dress is so awesome.  I wore the exact same one all the time when I was pregnant, just one size larger to accommodate the, well, the girls, and the growing belly.  Best ‘maternity’ gear ever!

Thanks so much you guys for the well wishes yesterday regarding my shoot.  I think I did okay.  And you know, it’s so much easier when you place yourself in the hands of someone you have full confidence in, like Daniel.  He’s honestly so amazing and just guides you to some great shots, so that made it a lot easier.  And well, I certainly gave the neighbors a show running around in fishnet stocking, boots and apron! I promise I will share something – even if it’s just behind the scenes shots – as soon as I can.

True Story:
Just in case you didn’t know, you have to wear your toque to dinner.