Top – Ruche; Cardi – Ruche; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Feet First.

I’d love to give you guys up to the minute links and fabulous current stock stuff on this blog, because I’d love to giveback and share what little style knowledge and advice I have, but I’m pretty budget conscious and often have to wait for big sales and specials to get my own stuff.  That means that by the time I get there, it’s already low on stock.   I hope we just get to inspire one another and come up with creative ideas to make fun outfits from what we already have.  ‘Cause really that’s what it’s all about anyway.

 True Story:
Baby throws something.  
I look at her with a scowl.  
She looks at me with that, “What? I didn’t do it” look.  
She’s got it down pat, I tell ya.