Cardi – Aritzia; Top – F21; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Feet First.

Can I just say how much I love the fact that Baby always has to get my attention when taking outfits shots?  She either cries *which I’m not crazy about*  or she giggles and makes funny face *which I love a whole lot more*  My absolute favorite is when she shoves her nose up against the glass.   That gets me every time.  I crack up laughing and make just as many silly faces *as evidenced above*

I got together with some friends last night to play board games and have dessert.   It was so much fun.  I think that hanging out with friends and having a blast playing board games has to be one of my favorite activities.  It’s so great to connect with people like that.  And I always feel so positive about things when it’s all done *even though I didn’t win*

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Catch yourself thinking a negative thought today and consciously change it into a positive thought.  Repeat that thought to yourself at least three times.