Scarf – H&M; Cardi & Boots – Ruche; Jeans – Guess.

 I sometimes wonder why certain things happen to certain people.  I wonder why seemingly undeserving people get plenty of good things happening, while those who seem to work and persevere don’t get any breaks.  Why do you think that is?

I sometimes wonder if it’s God, fate, karma, or just plain luck and whether that holds any meaning to it.  Maybe there’s a plan *in that case, I’d like a peek at the blueprints* and maybe there isn’t.  Maybe it’s all just a crap shoot and some of us just plain end up with the long straw while some of us get the short straw.

Imagine we all got what we deserved.

Do you ever wonder?

True Story:
Sometimes it’s hard to get work done with two little munchkins.