Top & Belt – AE; Scarf – H&M; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless.

In this blog I try to be honest so here it is.  I don’t usually write a negative post because I always try to focus on the positive here, but honestly we all have those days:

I haven’t slept in three nights, I’m fed up with Baby, and I’m discouraged because of the several rejections I’ve received from agents.  Baby is definitely teething, so she’s a huge pill. And with how discouraged I am combined with the physical exhaustion I’ve got zero patience.  And that’s bad considering Husband just left for a business trip.  I need sleep, a babysitter, and a ‘yes.’ That would make my day a lot better.  Even just a ‘yes’ would really lift my day!  You’d think this would be easier considering I have a lot of experience and am currently hosting a national cable channel with over a million subscribers!  But apparently not.  Boo.

Also, I couldn’t even bother to get dressed today.  Just what you see – jeans and a top.  No make-up, and not even a shower.  I did, however, brush my teeth.  Just for you.

So basically, today sucks.  I’m sorry to be a negative nelly, but sometimes that’s where we are.  I try to look at the positive, but some days are simply crappy no matter what you do.  Some days are hard, and sometimes we all have trouble staying cheery and positive.  Today’s that day.  So I wish you all the opposite of what I’m feeling.  I hope you guys have a wonderful day.  And I’ll see you all tomorrow, when hopefully things will be better.  Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some metaphorical sunshine! 

True Story:
Really, who needs toys!