I’m a huge and avid reader.  I’m the person who would drop by the library at least once a week to return and get a new book.  But when I was pregnant I knew that I would not be able to make that library trip as easily and as reliably as before once the baby came.  So, as a present from Husband I received a Kobo e-reader.

You can read the specs here, but I’ll just tell you my personal experience with it. *Just a note:  I have the older, original Kobo – not the touch – they don’t sell mine anymore, but the touch is essentially the same, only a little smaller.*

The e-ink is really easy on the eyes.  There’s no electronic feeling to the page – no flicker or glare.  So it’s really gentle for hours and hours.  It’s really easy to operate with one hand.  And because it’s so light you can be on the couch with a baby nestled in one arm and read with the other hand – one handed and no weird finger splaying to keep the book open.  I know the ipad is cool and lets you do lots of things, but I personally like that the Kobo is a reader and that’s it.  It’s my
library, it’s my book.  It’s not my phone or my computer.  There’s no
distractions inherent in the machine and there’s no way anyone can use
it to reach me.  I like that it’s a bit of an oasis – and escape – the
way a good book can be. 

You can use the included software, or just drag and drop the epubs onto your machine.  That’s what I do, and it works really well.  Also, there’s many free and reliable software programs that convert all kinds of files into easy and readable epubs so that your Kobo can read it.  And it really only takes a few seconds to convert a book.  I’ve never had a bug or a freeze, and the battery life is incredibly long!  I think I charge it maybe once every two weeks with frequent use.

Finally, I love being able to re-size the font to a ridiculously huge size! That way, I can easily read while I’m running on the treadmill.  The huge font allows me freedom to move without squinting.  But that’s me.  I’m weird and I like to watch TV or read when I run on the machine.