Scarf – street stand; Dress – hand me down from a friend; Shoes – thrifted; Socks – Walmart.

Some people have certain standards, or qualms, embarrassments what have you.  I don’t.  I like to pinch a penny, cut corners, and otherwise do whatever else I can to save time, money, or energy.  And don’t even get me started on what I’ll do for a laugh!  This doesn’t mean I don’t put effort into things.  I have a strong work ethic, and I always put 100% into whatever I do.  It’s just that I think I’m selective and have certain perspectives about what’s really important and what’s not.

So when a friend said she had a dress that she was looking to hand down to someone, I was more than willing to volunteer to take it off her hands.  I know some people who feel embarrassed to take things other people give away; it’s an “I don’t need charity” mentality.  And I understand their fear of looking less than what they feel they are.  But I think vintage, used, recycled, etc. is great because it saves our resources and uses less money.  Two great things about that:  one, it saves the planet a little and leaves a slightly better place for my little one.  And two, it saves me money leaving more for those dress purchases I can’t resist and for Baby’s education *Harvard here we come!*

So thanks Mares for this great dress!  And Baby will thank you when she graduates from Harvard law school….or Yale…I’m flexible.

True Story:
During breakfast Baby lets out the largest, longest fart!  Then shows me a proud grin!  
And I got it all on video!