Top – hand me down from Mom; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless.

I was having some cabin fever today so I made an impromtu visit to a friends house.  And on the way home, I lost all good judgement and decided to risk two buses home instead of the sure fire subway and bus.  Why?  Because I thought if it works out I’ll get home 15 minutes earlier.  Instead, I got home 30 minutes later than I thought and only because I ran for about 20 minutes pushing a strollers.  Otherwise I would’ve been home about 50 minutes later.  I just missed my second bus and it’s a half hour wait.  And I had to get home to put Baby to bed and to make sure we made it home before the rain. 

We did.  Baby’s in bed.  But I’m all sweaty.  It’s humid out there and pushing a stroller full of groceries and a babe for twenty minutes is no easy task.   I must’ve made quite the sight!

True Story:
This is how Baby likes to eat these days.