I crave chocolate at least twice a day.  And for months I’ve been indulging, but I’m trying to cut out sugar and such treats because I can feel it in my system.  My body just doesn’t feel good – discomfort, sluggishness, etc. *I’ll spare you the details*  So lately I’ve tried this protein shake as a substitute for when my chocolate cravings hit hard. I always have a shake after a workout, but this one is more of a dessert shake.  I put no nut butter in it *after workouts the nut butter fats and omega help to speed recovery and repair* and more agave syrup than usual *for that extra sweet treat*  I’ve really found this to help satisfy the sweet tooth, and the fact that it’s all good ingredients, plus a dose of hemp seeds, makes me feel better mentally in that I’m nourishing and not burdening my body. 

And I pour it into a big wine glass or beer glass *like this one*  to make it feel more decadent.

 1 banana
1 tablespoon agave syrup
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
3 ice cubes
1 heaping tablespoon chocolate flavored rice protein powder
Almond or Rice milk to desired consistency

Throw it in a blender and go.

Quote of Today:
“How much DO you eat?”