Blazer – Ezra; Scarf – Old Navy; Jeans – Guess; Shirt – Lucca Couture; Shoes – Payless.

Okay, so sometimes I don’t actually want to get dressed.  Not that I want to walk around naked, more that I don’t want to actually think about what I’m wearing.  I was having one of those days, but I had no choice as I had to go to work…on tv…in front of the nation…so I had no choice.  Even if I don’t feel like getting dressed.  I just start one thing at a time and build up from there. And thank goodness my dress code is super casual though because here’s how my brain works:

I don’t want to get dressed. I don’t want a cute outfit or dress.  I want to stay in my bathrobe.  But I can’t.  Okay, I’ll wear jeans.  And what else?   I want to be cozy and covered up today.  Nerdy t-shirt.  No.  Plain gray t-shirt  because it’s soooooft.  I want a cozy scarf.  Can I deal with some color?  Maaaaaybe.  Oh bright orange!  Okay that works.  Maybe I should try to look good. Meh.  Ruched sleeve blazer…in black.  Nice!  Easy. No fuss, no muss. *looks down* Crap!  No shoes.  Okaay.  Comfy broken in ballerina flats.  Done.

p.s. Check out some pics from the Posthuman shoot here.  Oh, and I read a great article over here on Bethany’s blog. 

True Story:
Two very tired parents.  One veeeery stinky diaper.  
No one wants to change it.  
While trying to convince the other to change it, the whole house slowly starts to smell like a biological warfare testing ground.  
Parenthood. It doesn’t make sense.