Top – Ruche; Maxi – Spotted Moth; Booties – Aldo.

 A friend and I were recently talking about beauty.  We were discussing the prevalence of a certain standard of beauty in society and the pressure we both feel to live up to it, and the fact that we both deviate from said standard in highly “negative” ways.  So it’s kind of interesting that in the September issue of Flare magazine (a Canadian fashion magazine) there was a whole reader survey about beauty, standards, and pressures.

Us Canucks had some interesting things to say:
The images we see on the internet, and social networking sites on a daily basis heighten our expectations of beauty and perfection in ourselves.  This sets the bar higher and higher for ourselves, and we feel a pressure to live up to it daily.  And while most of us have a dissatisfaction with our body shape and weight, overall we feel beautiful.

Do you agree?

This sort of goes along with what my friend and I were talking about.  The prevalence of amazing photos, and such a huge assortment of beautiful women makes both of us feel we have to live up to some unachievable bar of beauty.

Do you struggle with weight and body image?  Do you feel beautiful?  In such a menagerie of beauty, how do you stand out?

Just a side note since we’re talking about photos, I’ve been just using curves and color balance exclusively in my photos recently.  So how do you like it?

Quote of Today:
“You’re evil Justin Bieber! You’re mistreating that bear in your castle!”