Dress – Ruche or Modcloth;  Belt – F21; Shoes – Payless.

Can I just say that I love polka dots?  I think I’m completely obsessed with them.  Anything I see with polka dots grabs my attention and won’t let go.  So when I saw this dress a while back I was in love.  And it wasn’t just the dots, it was the fact that it was such a timeless shape.  Though to be fully honest, I didn’t like my hair after I saw these shots and decided to throw it up in a pony before heading out.
I need a haircut.

True Story:
Yesterday I made myself a shake and once I had turned on the blender I turned around to check on Baby, who’s usually afraid of the thing, only to find her….dancing!  She was dancing to the whirring.  Kids are funny.