Having a little trouble with the umbrella.


Glasses – F21; Shirt – Walmart; Skirt – Gentlefawn; Boots – Petite Pied.

First off, welcome to all my new followers!  And thank you sooooo much for reading.  You totally make my day!

Now, do you ever have those days when everything you put on looks horrible on you?  *at least in your mind* Well, I had a day like that with the above outfit.  I spent forever *and in a Mom’s life forever is like, 30 minutes* trying on tons of stuff.  I hated everything I put on.  One of those I-have-nothing-to-wear days.  It’s not that I have nothing to wear, it’s just that everything I put on just doesn’t sit right today, or just doesn’t feel right, or just doesn’t project the image I want today.  So I gave up.  I put on a skirt I like and just tried to keep things simple and not go nuts.  It’s just one day.  And I have to just get through this funky mood.  And I did.  And so will you.

True Story: 
Me squealing about something pretty on a website that I want.
And Husband’s answer to me squealing, “Yeah, and you have so many pretty things upstairs.”  
I don’t like it when he’s right.
  *crosses arms and sulks*