Shirt – H&M; Shorts – AE; Sandals – Zellers.

No shower.  No outfit.  Ratty old black cotton dress.  Baby crying for the third day in a row.  She’s teething so nothing is right.  I feed her.  Cry.  I stop feeding her. Cry.  I pick her up. Cry. I put her down. Cry.  I take her for a walk. Cry. I bring her back inside. Cry.  Everything is wrong for her today.  Nothing is to her liking. 

Of course, I’m doing this all by myself since Husband is away on a canoe trip. So you get an outfit from a few days ago.   Oh the joys of Motherhood.  I’m going to go watch tv.  Top Gear, in case you’re interested.  
At least Baby’s lungs are healthy and strong. 
True Story: 
Sorry, I’m flaking out on this one today.