Hat – gift from Husband; Dress – Covet; Belt – from this Ruche dress; Shoes – Payless; Purse – Matt by Matt&Nat.

I got this Covet number just a little while ago and it’s quickly becoming a favorite.  It’s so light and breathable, but so versatile in the styling possibilities as well.  I’m already dreaming up outfits for fall around this piece.  And I love how you can change the feel of an outfit by adding a different belt.  I removed the one that came with the dress and added a relaxed woven belt and it gave the whole look a new feel.  I’m also thinking of wearing this dress with a bright wide belt soon – just to play and see what happens.

True Story:
Recently Baby had a poo just after she fell asleep for the night.  I couldn’t leave her in it all night – that would be very bad for her sensitive baby skin.  So I had to change it.  I was resigned to the fact that I would wake her in the process, but still had hope.  
So I first opened and laid out the new diaper nearby, and prepped a wipe.  Then I gingerly undid the old diaper and lifted it ever so delicately off her.  I gently wiped her.  And then came the tricky part.  
I had to lift her bum up in the air to place the new diaper under her.  As I did that she rolled over.  So then I had to roll her over onto her back again, but as I did so I placed the diaper in place at the same time.  
Quickly put two tabs in place and literally pounced out of the room as she stirred and re-adjusted. 
Then I did a little silent fist pump dance to Husband.