Jacket – Old Navy; Dress – Dear Creatures from Ruche; Belt – AE: Socks – Hue; Wellies – Petite Pieds.

Okay, I’ll fully admit that these aren’t the bets pics.  But if you read about me, you’ll see that I preface this whole blog by saying I’ll make plenty of mistakes.  First, the humidity in the air completely ruined my hair, so by the time I took the pics I had to throw it up in a ponytail and even then it looked just plain baaad.   Second, why does it always stop raining when I put on my wellies???  Is it some cruel joke being played on me?  Make Joanna look silly by making it sunny when she gets her rain boots on?  *sigh*  Well, the jokes on you, ’cause I wore them anyway.

Speaking of rain boots, I want a pair of hunter wellies, but I know I won’t find the room in my budget.  So hopefully one day someone will give me a pair as a gift.  The magic boot fairy perhaps?  What, she exists doesn’t she?

True Story:
Baby is sitting under my desk, sucking her thumb and cuddling with her blanket.  So cute!!