Husband was smirking at me.  What?

Hat&Glasses – F21; Dress – AE; Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch.

We went for a walk while the day was still cool.  Which it isn’t a lot these days.  We’ve got Baby sleeping in our room in her playpen since it’s the only room in the house where the AC fits in the windows.  So the whole family now sleeps there – Me, Husband, Baby, and Drake the Dog. 

Getting back to our walk…Drake the Dog had a great time running around with Husband. 

Then he had fun chasing the Canada Geese around.  Don’t worry, he’s too slow to ever catch one. 

And finally,  I’m sort of glad to be back because I’ve really missed this little munchkin!

True Story:  I made breakfast this morning for me and Baby (Husband was doing a night shift).  Baby ended up eating everything!   Two huge pieces of multigrain bread, and all of my scrambled eggs!