Tank – Jacob; Cardi – Smart Set; Shorts & Belt – AE; Boots – somewhere in NYC.

So far today I’ve cooked 2 bags of carrots, 2 butternut squashes, 15 zucchinis, a bag of pears, and a bag of parsnips.  And I’ve managed to squeeze in a 25 minute run.  Just call me ‘Miss Productivity’! 

And on no caffeine!
Yup, I’m cooking and freezing and prepping Baby’s food.  She’s mostly eating what we eat, but occasionally we need to supplement her a little with purees.  You see, she likes to feed herself, but since she’s still pretty uncoordinated, not that much foods get in her.  And meals usually take about an hour.  Sometimes she gets really frustrated with the whole process too, so it’s just better to feed her purees in between the mouthfuls she gets in herself.  That way her little dumpling feet stay looking dumpling!

*I’m waiting for the inevitable crash in energy*