Hat – Ruche; Dress – F21; Shoes – Payless.

I had a whole outfit planned for today.  But Baby had her first vaccinations yesterday and so now she’s got a full blown fever.  All she does is sleep, lay with me on the couch and drink water.  So, that’s the end of any plans I had.  It’s all about her and comforting her through this time.

She’s napping again right now, so I’m taking this opportunity to post some shots from a few days back *’cause currently I’m wearing shorts and a tank top with spit-up on it*. This dress is actually a little too short for me to wear in public with my head held high, so I’m shortening it into a really fun button up blouse.  I love the pattern waaay too much to give up on it! 

You know, I talk a lot about being a Mom and still holding on to fashion and style.  And I mean every word of it!  Fashion is about self expression, creativity, and fun.  It isn’t, however, the nearest and dearest thing to my heart.  So, when my darling is sick, or feverish from shots, it’s about comforting her and loving her.

So peace out all you lovlies!  I’m gonna go be ‘Mama.’