From top left:  Amish Much ; Football ; Bucket ; Blaming the Dog ; Snow Hippie ; James Bond ; Robots ; Hazmat
From top left: Grandmother’s ; Tired ; Wet Feet ; Poo! ; Hiding Out ; Black&White ; Enough ; Babbling

So remember when I started this whole thing?  Well, it’s done!  And it only took me.  I must say it’s been a learning experience in style.  I’ve discovered things I like and things I don’t.  I’ve become more creative in my styling, at least I’d like to think so, and a little more savvy, I hope.

From top left: Copping Out ; Cool ; Gramma’s ; Stripes ; Handmade ; Dreaming ; Socks ; More Socks

From top left: Chocolate ; Layering ; Fooling ; Cosmopolitan ; Busy ; Grannies ; Stepford ; Whole Day

I learned I like red, playing a part, stripeslooking ‘cool’, and that black is always a good standby (here, here, and here).

From top left: Skin ; More ; Gem ; Full Of It ; Tight Budget ; Fake It ; Girly ; Be Merry

From top left: Puttering ; Sm-attention ; Question ; Frankly ; No One ; Coffee ; Star WarsSporty.
Appliques are fun, as are nerdy shirts and nerdy bags *a personal favorite*.  And belts can make or break an outfit.  Something I never would’ve thought before.

From top left: Madness ; Mommy ; St.Patty’s ; Miss ; Dots ; Laugh Track ; S&M ; Tushy
From top left: Yay ; Sick Child ; Rain ; Prepared ; Patterns ; Baby Humor ; Distracted ; Time and Space

I love a dress with a good pattern, or a fun ruffle, or a cool applique.  It’s the details, you know? I’ve also gotten braver with pairing things and mixing patterns.  Sometimes I miss, but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised with the results.

From top left : Relax ; Bikes ; Nice Day ; Annoying ; Waves ; Lunacy ; Good Day ; Twirly-Whirly
From top left: Accessories ; Nearing Domestic ; Contradictions ; Thunder ; Back-up ; Nerdiness ; Hippy.

I love that a great dress can instantly change the way you feel.  And it can immediately add some glamour into an otherwise blah day.  Frankly, we can always use more glamour in our lives!

From top left: Guilty ; Pretty ; Oh My! ; Spots ; The End.

Looking over things, I’ve discovered I don’t have a “style.”  I’m not one particular type of dresser – classic, tough, girlie, etc. etc.   I just like what I like.
I like girlie, and nerdy, and tough…it all depends on my mood that day. 
One thing I like is polka dots.  Another is boots!  And of course, comfort.  I won’t suffer for fashion.