So I was trying to get an outfit shot…

…when I saw someone making their way towards me…

…apparently my outfit is irresistible to babies and dogs.  And yes, Baby found a new toy: my belt.

Oh well, so much for keeping that tied.

Thought I’d show you a close-up of my hair and the detail on my dress.
Cardi – swapped; Dress – Ruche  ; Leggings – H&M.
I know you’re probably tired of me talking about the weather, but honestly! When is it going to get nice here???  It’s been rainy, cold and wet, and so far it doesn’t look likely to change.  I’m getting quite put out! 
But enough about that. 
I’m in love with this dress.  It’s a little big on me in the shoulders, so I’m going to have to get that altered (or more likely I’ll do it myself). But I love how dreamy it is.  It makes me feel so girlie and feminine!  Husband says that sometimes dresses like this don’t seem to match who I am, since I have such a strong personality.  He says they seem contradictory .  I understand what he means.  This isn’t the dress I’d wear to a business meeting, but then again the me that goes into a business meeting is not the one who watches Backyardigans with Baby and sings along.  I have many facets and what I wear highlights how I feel that day and how I’d like to present myself to the world. That’s what I love about fashion.  And today I feel girlie and feminine and soft.
On another note, I’ve got a busy two weeks coming up.  First, I’m shooting an episode for the web series I’m working on (which you know I’ll be blogging about here) and then I have a preliminary photoshoot and wardrobe fitting for a music video.  I’m excited!  It’s going to be fun!
True Story:  Baby has learned to point.  Now she points at everything…including me when I tell her, “No.”  What that’s about I have no idea, but it’s absolutely adorable!