I didn’t post yesterday, as you know.  Sorry.  The day was cold, rainy, dreary and I got to my breaking point.  I hit critical mass.  I spent much of the day crying.  Just exhausted, as most moms know.  We all have those days.  So I thought it was better I didn’t post.  I would have had nothing nice to say.  Today, I’m better.  Nothing is different, just not crying all day.  Always good.  So I figured I should check in. 

And to brighten all our days, here’s Drake the Dog before I got my hands on him…


And here’s what he looks like after…


I forget how tiny and skinny he is.  He gets all puffed up in the winter with the fur, and we think he’s so sturdy.  Then I shave him and we realize that no, he’s still a skinny, little shrimp! 

True Story:  All Baby wants to do is stand!  Non-stop.  All day long.  Everywhere.  Doesn’t matter how many bruises she gets.  Allllll day.  Tiring but hilarious!  And tonight she stood up and started dancing to the music (really just bouncing, but still to the music).  Sooo cute, if I do say so myself.  And I did.  To myself.  Several times.