What I brought to the swap.
Continued. See the “change room” I created behind the screen?

Yesterday I organized a clothing swap between friends.  About six of us participated and it was a blast!  There ended up being so much clothing that I filled all three racks to brimming, laid out pants and tops along the hallway, and hung stuff over Baby’s playpen.  And during the event one clothing rack actually fell down under the strain!!  Now that’s a fashionistas dream.

All of us ladies walked away with something we wanted and really liked.  And most of us walked away with a ton of stuff.  I myself scored some pretty sweet tops and pants.  Clothing swaps are a great thing ’cause you reuse, recycle, and get new stuff for free!

Here’s a shot of an outfit made from yesterday’s acquisitions!

Necklace – from Beckie; Shirt – from Danielle; Pants – from Olivia; Bag – from Emily; Shoes – mine.