Dress & Belt – Threadsence; Leggings – F21; Boots – ?; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Necklace – made by me.
Close of the necklace I made.

I’m on the air today, so I tried to look all cool.  *insert laughter here*  Honestly, I love the comfort of this dress and the devil-may-care feel of the cut and fabric.  It’s great for this relaxed spring day.  I’m definitely saving this one!

True Story:  How do two parents put on tights and pants on a squirmy baby?  First, place baby on lap.  Put on both legs of tights, then lift baby via the tights and shake until baby has the tights up to her armpits, thereby giving said baby a wedgie (which the diaper negates).  Second, one parent grasps baby under her armpits and holds her in the air.  The other parent holds pants open underneath baby while first parent lowers said baby into pants.  Finished.

Don’t even ask how we change her diaper…