My New Tank-top!!
Sweater – H&M; Dress – Urban Outfitters; Tank & Leggings – F21; Boots – Somewhere in NYC

Laugh it up chuckles.  
I’m a nerd.  
I never hid that from you.  
In fact, I’ve been completely upfront about it.  
I do own a monstrous Sci-Fi DVD collection. 
So What?  
*Crosses arms and sticks out tongue*
Sorry, I’m really caffeinated right now.  I shot Movieola Shorts last night *you can read about it here* and didn’t get a lot of sleep.  Then I worked on air this morning as well.
Hence the need for coffee.
Moving on.
Remember when I said that I would not shop and the rules of that?  Well, I followed them so far.  *Standing proud*  And I followed them when I recently saw this tank-top on the Forever 21 website.  I had to have it, and I would’ve used the “allowed to break the rules twice” stipulation to get it, but I just happened to have a gift card.  Yay!  The tank-top was at my doorstep in 48 hours.  Once here, I had to wear it.  So I paired it with this knit dress I picked up.  It’s the last of the plain knit dresses in my closet.  So I was saving it to wear it with something special, and this tank was it.   I have serious trouble resisting any and all nerd shirts…especially any that have to do with Star Trek, Star Wars, or BSG.  So if you know of any…send them my way.  Just kidding.  Well, no I’m not..not really. 
I think the dress is a save, if only because I can wear it with so many other things. What do you think?