My dress swiiiirls!

Cardi – H&M; Dress – Zara; Tights – Hue;Boots – somewhere in NYC.

This dress was a sale purchase at Zara a while ago.  It’s a statement dress, but I’m really liking it.  I didn’t used to wear it much because I thought the pattern a little too loud for me and I didn’t fancy the attention.  But now I’m a little more nonchalant about it.  I figure, “I like it, so I’ll wear it.  Attention, sm-attention.” Trash, stash, or save?  One friend told me today that this dress is a ‘save.”  I think I’ll take her advice.

True Story:  Baby and another baby boy sat next to one another and stared at each other completely fascinated.  Then they both reach for different toys, but in such a way that it looked like they were about to kiss.  They were both surprised so they stopped moving and looked at each other – heads tilted just so.  It looked like a moment out of a movie where the two people lean in to kiss but aren’t sure whether they will.  Hilarious!  And of course, us Moms were laughing and silly about it.  In the end they didn’t kiss…good thing.  She’s a little young for that don’t you think?  Don’t go gettin’ any ideas, Missy!