Dress without the sweater…yes it’s cold.

Sweater – Esprit; Dress – Ruche; Leggings and Boots – F21

Monday!  Yes, I know most people don’t like Mondays.  But I do, and here’s why:  it’s the day I go to work.  Yes, I know that’s why most people don’t like Mondays.  But see, I’m on maternity leave and spend most of my time with Baby; so this is my day to get out and be me.  Plus, I really like my job.  So, yeah I get excited to go to work.

I’m sitting here at work, on a break and writing this as we speak.  I’m joined tonight by the lovely Olivia and we’re being silly together.  We’re talking about haircuts, and dresses and shopping like it’s the conflict in Libya – we’re such girls!  I know.  But sometimes we all need to be silly.

But one thing we were discussing was how much this blog has helped me as a new Mom.  Instead of getting lost in Baby and resorting to sweatpants and hoodies, I’m forced by you lovely folks to get dressed and at least make an attempt at looking good.  It gets me outside of feeling like a piece of milk meat revolving around Baby, and gets me feeling like a woman.  It’s hard not to lose yourself after a Baby, but I think it’s important to be selfish sometimes and think about what makes you feel like you.  I know I’m a much better mother for it. I’m a better wife for it.  And I’m a better me for it.