Boots – Threadsence
Cardigan – Esprit; Dress – F21; Belt – thrifted; Tights – Hue
…Errands that is.  
What did you think I was full off? 
Don’t answer that.  

I spent my morning running, then I spent the afternoon running errands.  But it’s good.  I got a lot of things I needed, now I actually have to do the stuff here at home. *sigh*  Anyone want to vaccum for me? *sound of crickets*  I guess not. 

Today’s outfit was one thrown together for this day of errands.  And remember how I said that if you’re a mother you shouldn’t get too attached?  Well I did get attached.  And two hours later I have baby spit-up on the dress, under the dress, and under the bra.  Yeah, I should really learn to take my own advice.  Now I need to change, but I don’t want to.  Opinions?  Should I change?  Or just pretend it’s not there?  Oh and trash, stash, or save?

True Story: I returned a bag of nuts today.  
Don’t laugh.  
They tasted weird.  
Weird, I tell you!