Sweater – Spotted Moth; Shirt – Smart Set; Leggings – F21

Like I said here I’m at my Mama’s house this weekend hanging out with my Mama and my Babcia.  I decided to change in the evening and just go in leggings.  I didn’t want to be dragging a lot of stuff with me.  Also, yesterday was a rough night so today I’m just of on survival mode.  You know that zombie-like state you’re in when you don’t have enough sleep?  You know that?

Worse still my sleep deprivation coupled with the Egyptian revolt and acting insecurity brought on a case of the Mean Reds  *comment if you know my reference*  And I had nothing to make me feel better.  Usually a little retail therapy helps a lot, but this time I’ve got no money, so alas, no therapy.

Promise I’ll have a dress for you later today!