I’m sick and sulky.

Wondering whether a housecoat counts as a dress?

Husband wanted to take close-ups…but uh, uh…not today.

Sorry everyone, I don’t have a dress for you today.  I’m sniffling, sneezing, stuffed up and my throat is really sore.  In other words, I’m siiiick!  Today, I most likely will not even get out my pajamas…unless it’s to shower and get into fresh pajamas.  Oh, and to top it all off, our washer broke just 30 minutes ago!  Right in the middle of a load of laundry!  Have we got bad luck or what?  So, Husband has to go out and shovel the drive, and then we’ve got to purchase a new washer ASAP.  With a baby in the house laundry is a must.

Hope your day is going better.  Leave me a comment about your day…I need to live vicariously through you today!