The night before last:
* Couldn’t breathe because my nose is too stuffed up.
* Throat was dry and painful.
* Baby couldn’t breathe because her nose is stuffed up.
* Held Baby in my arms all night so she could sleep.
* Am still really sick.
* Had no sleep.
* Have to care for a sick Baby.
* Dog started shaking uncontrollably and panting.
* Anxious phone calls to try to figure out what’s wrong and whether he needs to go to emergency.
* Baby still couldn’t breathe at night.
Today? Let’s not talk about today.  I’ll only say that Drake the Dog is doing fine. 
I’m pretending that right now doesn’t exist.  So on that note I’m looking back.  And what did I find?  These two youngsters who had no idea what they were getting themselves into…

2004: engaged, but not yet married.

Circa 2007: just coming up on our 3 year anniversary.
See you all tomorrow!