Happy New Year!   Around this time I always feel the need to purge things and simplify my life.  Recently, I’ve been going through my weardrobe – clothes and accessories – and realized that I own way too much stuff.  So today I’ve been sorting through it and I’ve gotten rid of quite a few things.  I’m storing and donating (to Value Village and to friends).  It’s also showed me that I should stop buying things (except for the very rare “must-have”).  I need to wear what I have and find out what I really love.  One thing I’ve discovered already:  I hate wearing turtlenecks!  I own a few and I haven’t worn them in at least 3 years.  Gone!!!  They’re out of here!

In this spirit of discovery and wearing what I have, I’m issuing myself a little challenge: to wear all my dresses – every single one I own – at least once and to not repeat a single one until I have gone through the whole collection.  That may not seem like a hard challenge, but I own upwards of 80 dresses.  And the collection is still growing.  Some I’ve had for years (think 10 years), others are recent purchases. I sometimes forget about the ones at the back only to see them and regret not wearing them.  This will also be an experiment. My body has changed since giving birth – as has my mind –  and there are some things that I can’t do up yet (namely in the bust area as those puppies are still larger than usual because of nursing).  So, this will be a great way to test my wardrobe, and to test myself to see which dresses I have outgrown – both physically and mentally.

I’d like it if you came with me on this journey and please leave your comments to let me know which ones you like, which you don’t and which ones should perhaps be stored away/given away.