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Get Ready With Me

Hey all, you asked, I answered! You wanted a ‘Get ready with me’ vid and here it is. I just wish I was more interesting for you.

September LookBook

I was really bad with videos this month, and kept forgetting to record.  So this one is limited and short, but still, at least I’m only taking 30 seconds of your time!

Outfits in order of appearance:
1. “Nowhere Near Spartacus
2. “Prepubescent and Awkward
3. “The Heart of The Big Bad Wolf
4. “Chocolate and Wine Only

August LookBook

Though summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st, the end of August feels like the real end of summer. 
Somehow, psychologically, that’s where our golden sunsets and warm, lazy afternoons stop. 
If only it weren’t so.

Outfits in order of appearance:
1. “Trick Question
2. “My Little Monkey
3. “A Touch Harsher and Louder
4. “One Single Moment
5. “Montreal Je T’aime: Part 2
6. “Don’t Hate The Zebra
7. “I Want To Be A SuperModel

July LookBook Video

Inspired by one reader who asked for a fashion show, I’ve decided to add a monthly video element to ModaMama:  LookBook Videos.  It’ll be a short *under one minute* video featuring a selection of outfits from the month.  Hope you enjoy this addition!

Outfits in order of appearance:
1.”Best Dress Ever And Some Shows.
2. “How Do You Like Them Apples?
3. “Yes, I Still Wear Clothes.
4. “What I Share With You.
5. “These Are My Peeps?”
6.  “I’m Not Here.”
7. “Naturally.”

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