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Any Weirdos Like Me Out There?

It’s been a while since I’ve worn kimonos – despite my rather large collection of them.

The Struts at The Opera House

Nothing was going to stop me from seeing The Struts play.

That Epic WayHome Post

Picture Overload Alert!

Artful Dirty Secret

I’ll share my weird fascination with you guys.

Busy Days, Restorative Days

Yeah, all our days are busy. With work, errands, obligations, yadda yadda.

Because Sometimes I Forget

I’m so lucky – but sometimes I forget.

Cup of Loves Bliss

Oh! Then let us drain, while we may,

Go With It


The sun is gone. Well okay, it’s not actually gone. It feel like it’s gone though as Fall is firmly here.

Normally I really loath this time. I loath it because it means layers and for all my love of fashion, I actually dislike wearing clothes. I’m happiest when I can spend a day in a bathing suit, or wear a light dress that just grazes my skin. That is my bliss. That is my happy place. So yes, I normally loath this time of year when I know that the heat is leaving and the cold is settling in.

But I don’t loath it. Surprisingly. I don’t mind it too much. The layers are coming on, but I’m not minding it too much. I’m enjoying the layers. Maybe it’s my new love of Victoria Secret slips under clothes that make it feel like summer is still here. Maybe it’s a milder season, and my hatred will only come out once the snow falls. Or maybe it’s that my perspective is shifting.

Whatever it is. I’m just gonna go with it.






Duster – Spell Designs  //  Jeans – Zara  // Tank – *I forget, old*  //  Belt – American Eagle  //  Shoes – ThreadSence  //  Hat – UO  //  Necklace – Monserat de Lucca  //  Sunnies – F21

Don’t Text, Call.


 I used to hate the phone.  I hated it because you couldn’t see the person when you talked to them.
I love those moments when you sit – coffee shop, park, whatever – and a silence falls.

People fear silence, but I love it.  There’s a silence that happens when there is comfort.  There’s a silence that happens when you sit with someone – friend or lover – and neither of you feels the need to speak but can instead sit there in each others presence.

That is the best. But now texting has come. And I text a lot. A lot. And I miss the phone.  I find myself missing the call and talking to someone. Hearing their voice and hearing the silence. Texting is even further away from that elusive presence sitting.

So call me. Don’t text. Don’t ever text.



Dress – Arnhem // Belt – Hadley Pollet *thrifted*

Good Fear


We all feel it. We all react to it. It’s fight or flight, right? We either run towards, or away from it. Fear, in some way or another, motivates us. I don’t think it’s all bad either. It’s just a part of our being. An emotion, both good and bad. It can hold us back, but it can also motivate us forward.

Trying new things. Being honest with someone. Telling people what you want, what you need. Pursuing dreams. Being yourself. There’s an element of fear in all of it. so, like I said, I don’t think it’s the bad emotion we think of.

I like the idea of fear. Usually when I feel fear, in our modern society, it’s not because of actual danger. It’s usually because there’s something I’m thinking of doing or saying that’s outside my comfort zone. In that case, I need to check in. Is this indeed something that I need/want to say/do?

If so, then the fear is a great barometer of my honest self. Am I being honest with my self? Truth and honest and full living, while deeply fulfilling can be a scary concept. Embrace the fear.

this post has been brought to you with a smile.





Romper & Kimono – ThreadSence *old*  //  Sunnies – c/o Woodzee  //  Necklace Homegrown Boutique  //  Boots – Aldo
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