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Dress 43: The Big Question…I Need Your Help!

Jacket – Jacob; Shirt – F21; Dress – H&M; Tights – Hue; Loafers – AE

No you’re not having deja vu, you’ve seen a similar dress before here.  But I told you then that I loved this dress so much I bought it in two colors.  So here’s the second color.  I am absolutely bonkers about the brown and gray combo.  There’s something refined, but oh so easy about it that I can’t resist.  Trash, stash, or save?  I’m thinking since I loved it enough to buy two of them, that it’s a save.  That one was easy right?

But on to more important things…

Here’s what I need your help with right now.  It’s super important…yes, more important than the people starving in the Sudan.  Okay, maybe not more important but a close second.  *yes, I’m being cheeky*  Should I keep my bangs, or grow them out?

The shot on the left is a much older pic, but it give you an idea.

Husband and another person have told me to grow them out.  Husband specifically liked me more without bangs.  Another person said she liked me more with bangs.  So I’m confused.  I need help deciding and I’d appreciate some honest, non-biased opinions.  Thanks so much!

Windy Wonderland

Drake the Dog was having a great time!
Jacket – don’t recall; Scarf – thrifted; Cardigan – H&M; Shirt – Smart Set; Jeans – Guess; Gloves – The Bay; Sunglasses – F21

Yesterday was a tease!  It was so warm outside and the sun had come out in all it’s glory.  True it was very windy but the temperature and sun more than made up for it.  Drake the Dog got to go to the park for the first time in months (it’s been too snowy and icy to tread there safely before). 

If this look is familiar it’s because I had been wearing my maxi dress in the post below, but Husband suggested changing out of it because of the mud and snow that was likely still on the ground.  Good call on his part!

The sad thing is that once the night came things changed dramatically.  The wind was gusting at over 100km/hour and there was a severe wind warning in effect.  I could actually feel my little narrow house moving in response to some of the more powerful gusts.  It was more than a little scary!  But it kind of got me thinking in an apocalyptic movie kind of way.  You know, if the world ended how would I survive?  What would I do?  I watch a lot of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic movies, so sometimes I have these thoughts. *Nerd!*

Dress 33: Showing Some Skin, Starting With My Face

I love that it’s finally warm enough to bring out the leather jacket.

Can’t get enough of the sunshine.
Jacket – don’t recall (no label); Dress – F21; Shirts – Smart Set; Boots – Aldo.

I don’t usually wear this dress.  It’s one of those that tends to sit around in my closet.  I love the embroidery detail, but I’m not too crazy about the full, flouncy and shimmery skirt on me.  But I kind of like pairing a very feminine dress/skirt/top with something very masculine, in this case the leather jacket and cowboy booties. What do you think?  Trash, stash, or save?  And if your answer is save, I’d love suggestions on how you would style it.  Thanks!  You guys rock!

Today is Friday…which really has no meaning for me since I work freelance as does Husband.  So days of the week are kind of devoid of the traditional meaning.  Usually though, weekends are busy as that’s when many conferences and indie film shoots happen.  But this weekend is surprisingly easy-breezy.  So perhaps, we’ll take advantage of the weather to go for nice walks with Baby and Drake the Dog.  I’m excited about the warmer weather.  I’m tired of the many layers and happy to show some skin to the sun!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m finding not shopping very hard to do.  When I was downtown yesterday it took all my effort to not go into my favorite stores.  I just couldn’t look at stuff and be tempted.  Right now my will is too weak for that.  I’m hoping that as things get easier, I’ll go in for inspiration. 

True Story:  I realized after taking these shots that I totally forgot to put on make-up.  Whatever, you guys get to see everything I guess.  And on that note, I need new mascara. Recommendations?

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